Four Fundamentals of Wellness

Principles we follow for overall wellbeing

• Diet
• Exercise
• Mindfulness & Meditation
• Sleep


Exercise can help you unplug from the distractions of your daily routine and allow you to listen to your body while you build physical fitness. Exercise can actually help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety; and movement and physical activity help with the regulation of our emotions and encourage growth and health of nerve cells. Athletes talk about “being in the zone,” so for some people exercise can also be a form of meditation.

And while the best workout for depression may vary from person to person, new research shows that strength training might be a really great place to start. No weights? No problem. Watch the video *No Equipment* Bodyweight Strength Workout.


The most all around important of the four fundamentals of wellness is sleep. Healthy sleep gives your brain time to restore and rejuvenate so it can serve at an optimum level. Developing a consistent sleep pattern can relax your mind and body and lead to deep healthy sleep. We take all of these components and bring them together to foster awareness of life-changing powers that are within every individual. The goal is to help you learn the importance of self-care and mindful choices that will lead to healthy habits and overall physical and mental wellness.