Medication Management

Committed to administering medications carefully and responsibly.

Medications are an essential tool for treating many disorders and illnesses, and we are enthusiastic about the many benefits they provide to patients. Too often, however, medications are prescribed during psychiatric care with little regard to the side effects that can alter moods and create discomfort that seriously impacts a patient’s quality of life. Polypharmacy—using several medications simultaneously to treat a single condition—is another major issue that creates complications for many patients.

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The Ethos approach to pharmacological care.

Medications are used as an appropriate part of your treatment plan, but they are not the centerpiece of your treatment at Ethos Clinics.

We encourage a comprehensive view of wellness that includes mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and healthy living in general for all of our patients. We can either refer our patients to these therapies or provide guidance onsite. Regardless of the treatment recommended in your plan, our goal is to heal through a holistic and balanced approach to wellness.

Call Ethos Clinics now, and start developing a sensible and compassionate treatment plan that includes mind, body and spirit.