Healthier Mind. Healthier Body. Healthier Soul.

A holistic approach to wellness, including emotional, physical and spiritual health.

A central focus of Ethos is our encouragement of mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and healthy living in general for all of our patients. We can either refer our patients to these therapies or provide guidance onsite. Medications, therapy and various other modalities mentioned above are used as an appropriate part of your treatment plan. Regardless of the treatment recommended in your plan, our goal is healing through a holistic and balanced approach to wellness.

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Our Approach to Wellbeing

NON DRUGTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is an effective treatment for patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) where traditional treatment with medications has failed. TMS may be used with or without medications. Comparable to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the treatment involves magnetic pulses delivered to the area of the brain which regulate mood. The pulses stimulate this area and alleviate depressive symptoms.

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Ketamine Infusions

Based on searches of major medical centers over the past fifteen years, and in our experience, up to 70% of all patients can expect significant, and fast, relief. Of course, we cannot predict any individual’s results. Our treatment is tailored in terms of frequency and dosage to each person, and we believe it offers your best chance of success.

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NON DRUGGuidance & Spirituality

Effective counseling addresses the body, mind,
and spirit. Spirituality and religion are critical sources of strength for many Ethos patients and can be instrumental in promoting healing and wellbeing. There is growing empirical evidence that our spiritual values and behaviors can promote physical and psychological wellbeing. Exploring these values with patients can be integrated with other therapies to enhance the therapy process.

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NON DRUGCompassionate Counseling Therapies

The experienced, skilled therapists at Ethos offer assistance and guidance that benefits many disorders. These therapies, and others, are used to benefit Ethos patients.

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Medication Management

Medications are an important part of treating many disorders and illnesses, but they are often prescribed with little regard to side effects that can wreak havoc on a patient’s life. Polypharmacy—using several medications simultaneously to treat a single condition—is another major issue that creates complications for many patients. Ethos is committed to using medications carefully, with full regard to their effects on you.

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We make mental health affordable. We take all insurances. Patients without insurance can pay on a sliding scale for services.

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