Spanish Therapy

Meet with a Spanish-Speaking Therapist or Counselor

Ethos bilingual therapist are able to help Spanish speaking only and bilingual patients. Together our therapists develop a good therapeutic relationship to help address their concerns in a culturally sensitive way.

Any individual who has experienced any kind of significant stressors or trauma, usually express themselves in their native language. When someone’s native language is not English, it can be difficult to express those experiences in English when they were experienced in another language. Being able help Spanish speaking patients in their native language makes it more comfortable and accurate.

Does Language Matter in Mental Wellness?

Language does matters in mental health. Words we use shape how we see the world–and ourselves. We have a choice in the words we use to describe ourselves, others, and our experiences walking through the world. The words we choose and the meanings we attach to them influence our decisions, beliefs, perception, and well-being.